Back At Dover

Back At Dover

I thanked everyone as we loaded up Robert’s car and drove back to Varne Ridge where we got a lovely welcome. People were waiting to greet us and the Union Jack was flying high! I seem to remember Mum was quite happy! As my throat was half closed and I felt a constant choking sensation I sat up that night in bed as I daren’t lay down.


It must be said that it was not an enjoyable swim as it very quickly started to go the wrong way. If you can find the strength to push on when feeling ill and have the support, encouragement and experience of a fantastic crew who know what to say and when to change the feed then anything is possible. I now have a lifetime to celebrate and reflect.

Robert and Hannah: The maker of dreams for myself and other swimmers.

I would like to dedicate the swim to our good mutual friend Janet Wilson who is a dedicated member of the BLDSA and has so much knowledge of everything associated with swimming. “Guru of the lakes” as Robert likes to call her! When Janet agreed to crew two way Windermere in 2009 she introduced me to Robert as a member of the crew along with Jean Wilkin-Oxley. Janet has always been a massive inspiration in my long distance swimming always charming and lots of tales and stories to tell. My favourite being Loch Lomond when the BLDSA called off the swim due to horrendous conditions…but Janet being Janet got in and made a private successful crossing. Janet would have been on the boat if she hadn’t suffered from sea sickness. I have been blessed by knowing so many kind people ready and willing to give time and expenses to help me fulfil my dreams. I have mentioned but a few.