The Last Two Miles


Into the last two miles things were going my way, I was feeling good. The sun was shining and getting stronger. The water was becoming calmer and on my next feed I asked if I would be swimming against the tide. Ray told me I was in slack water for the rest of the swim and just to get on with it. I was so happy!

Before too long Robert and Ray were in the rib guiding me into Sangatte beach as these waters were too shallow for the Viking Princess. It seemed to be taking ages but my dream was getting closer. I knew I would be filling my trunks with stones for Alexandra. The water became shallow very quickly. I asked Robert and Ray if I was allowed to stand up and walk in. They confirmed I could and to my surprise my legs “worked” as I waded into the beach! Filled with pride, 7 foot tall I cleared the sea onto the beach!

I held my arms aloft and let out a massive “Yeeeeeeees”! I couldn’t believe my legs were working and I had so much energy. I filled my speedos with stones and waded back to the rib where I was helped aboard by Robert and Ray. Back at the Viking Princess I climbed the ladder unaided! Shook hands with Sir Mikey and Reg, climbed on deck with Hannah to my left who was beaming with pride for me, her eyes appeared to be sparkling with emotion. This made me fill up instantly as we hugged each other with joy. I wasn’t at all cold; my core temperature was warm when I was assisted by Hannah into my swim towel. I chatted on Hannah’s phone to mum and Caley. Filled with pride I was in sheer delight that my dream had been realised!

Approximately 3 hours boat trip back to Dover, after a few phone calls I went below deck to change. The smell of the diesel brought back the nausea, making me want to throw up. I climbed the short ladder and managed to get my head on the deck before I was sick. I was sick a few times on the way back; Robert diluted some Listerine which I gratefully gargled with.


Most of the way back I was looking out to see. My eyes and mind were either playing tricks or I was hallucinating. I could see images of beautiful historic buildings in the sea. Some had arches, some had towers. I knew it was just my imagination though so I was not worried.

Back At Dover